My Business is the Business

Targets definition and strategy are the two main pillars of the business, execution is the business backbone. We can develop better businesses, more ethics and also more successful working of this three parameters

They say...

  • Livio Consigli

    Mi fa piacere lavorare con Antonio perché è sempre propositivo ed ha la capacità di cimentarsi con idee e progetti…

    Livio Consigli, Consulenza fiscale e societaria in Parma
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  • Adolfo Brioschi

    I’ve met Antonio by chance working on an organisational development project in ROCHE several years ago and since then we…

    Adolfo Brioschi, Business Training & Development Manager at Roche Diagnostics
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  • Maurizio Zordan

    Antonio ha raggiunto in pochi mesi un risultato importante rispetto all'incarico affidatogli e quindi gliene sono molto grato. In particolare…

    Maurizio Zordan,
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  • Gabriel Scali

    "Antonio is a competent and patient professional, who provides no-nonsense advice throughout strategic and marketing planning. He is an expert…

    Gabriel Scali, CEO
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  • Kiran Kandade

    "Antonio’s biggest gift is his ability to ideate innovatively. The term “out of the box” was created for him. Additionally,…

    Kiran Kandade, HR Director at Omni Group, Singapore
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  • Luca Marcolin

    Antonio is a great professional, able to integrate his many competencies to support his clients in business development processes. Marketing,…

    Luca Marcolin, Family Business Consultant
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  • Yoshua Mwesige

    Of course I currently have to say thank you more and more for the great support because we are seeing…

    Yoshua Mwesige, Project Manager
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