My professional and academic journey has made me a strategic change-maker with the ability to inspire others to reach for their potential. I am a highly empathetic leader who makes strong connections and instinctively identifies the positive core in people. Coupled with a sharply honed business acumen, I bring to the table a unique ability to design and execute processes, initiatives, and interventions in alignment with clearly defined business goals.

I prefer to work with people driven by an inner approach, with human values as well as intellectual honesty wich includes environment's responsibility, a reliable being and last but not least: a strong, consciousness self-Leadership.

Great experiences upon several markets across different industries which come after a great education and training on the field, allow me to craft up the best approach to business issues going straight into the business core.



Professional milestones

  • 2016 Digital entrepreneur, London UK
  • 2015 Fellow Member Institute of Consulting UK
  • 2014 Management 3.0 workout, Jurgen Appelo
  • 2014 Business Enhancement Advisor. London UK
  • 2013 Lecturer at Università degli Studi Roma 3.
  • 2013 Lecturer at Università degli Studi Urbino "Carlo Bo".
  • 2010 Business Consultant. Innovation Management. Milano, Italia
  • 2009 Sales Coach by Insights Learning and Development Ltd.
  • 2006 Leadership trainer.
  • 2004 Marketing Consultant, Milano, Italia.
  • 1999 Marketing and Sales management. Building plants industry. Modena, Italia
  • 1993 Founder and CEO of trading company B to B. Building plants industry. Genova, Italia
  • 1987 Marketing and Sales management. Automotive industry. Torino, Italia


  • DISC, Certification Persolog GmbH.
  • Business Coaching, Insights Learning Development.
  • Emotional Intelligence Training, E-consultant.
  • Master NLP, PNLMeta srl
  • Practiticioner NLP, NLPUNION srl Italia
  • Master Marketing Management, ISVOR Fiat Torino
  • Economics degree, Università di Urbino