Mi fa piacere lavorare con Antonio perché è sempre propositivo ed ha la capacità di cimentarsi con idee e progetti nuovi contribuendo al loro successo in modo significativo; inoltre Antonio è molto attento e riflessivo e questo lo aiuta a compiere analisi approfondite e individuare soluzioni innovative.

Livio Consigli, Consulenza fiscale e societaria in Parma

I’ve met Antonio by chance working on an organisational development project in ROCHE several years ago and since then we developed a clear and open collaboration then, later on, has born a strong friendship. I like to work with Antonio because I learnt a lot by working together: above all Antonio taught me the importance of the "analysis” stage, that has to be done before to start a project or dealing with any problem. In addition to it I noticed that Antonio has always been proactive developing many new useful ideas in all the projects management contributing strongly to their implementation and the full success of any plans.

Adolfo Brioschi, Business Training & Development Manager at Roche Diagnostics

Antonio ha raggiunto in pochi mesi un risultato importante rispetto all'incarico affidatogli e quindi gliene sono molto grato. In particolare mi ha colpito la sua capacità di lavorare su un progetto per lui assolutamente nuovo. Ci siamo confrontati in maniera aperta nei momenti di difficoltà e abbiamo trovato la giusta soluzione per la riuscita del progetto che è stato il più grande successo da noi raggiunto lo scorso anno. Per incarichi complicati all'estero è per me la persona giusta!

Maurizio Zordan, https://it.linkedin.com/in/maurizio-zordan-9654766

"Antonio is a competent and patient professional, who provides no-nonsense advice throughout strategic and marketing planning. He is an expert in Lean thinking, who delivers tangible solutions with every suggestion."

Gabriel Scali, CEO

"Antonio’s biggest gift is his ability to ideate innovatively. The term “out of the box” was created for him. Additionally, Antonio has an excellent grasp on technology and is a people person extraordinaire – which is an unusual combination. It is a rare person who combines the gift of intellect with empathy and compassion, both indications of a high EQ as well. This is, Antonio’s USP. He takes the time to really understand a client’s issues without pre-judging or advising before getting to the root. His innovative instincts and extensive international experiences then come to the fore as he proposes solutions, change initiatives, and interventions that can help transform organizations while staying true to their positive core.

I am also fascinated by Antonio’s blog on his website antoniospecchia.com where he writes stories with a lesson in his trademark pithy and succinct manner. Each a bite-sized piece of wisdom that comes from a keen sense of observation, perspective and the wisdom that comes from deep experiences. As an organization development professional myself, it has been my observation and conviction that some of the best solutions happen when an innate creative intelligence is combined with emotional and social intelligences. And Antonio has all 3 in abundance. "

Kiran Kandade, HR Director at Omni Group, Singapore

Antonio is a great professional, able to integrate his many competencies to support his clients in business development processes. Marketing, Sales and Distribution on one side and Organizational and People Management on the other with a great business acumen gives him a broad perspective in supporting his clients.


Luca Marcolin, Family Business Consultant

Of course I currently have to say thank you more and more for the great support because we are seeing the results of your input. She has managed to have her setup the business from scratch and its now running well. She is implementing the ideas you gave her and currently I heard her say you are helping her to devise a marketing strategy which is very great.

Yoshua Mwesige, Project Manager