About Bossy …

Leader’s behaviours which affect effectiveness.

How do we manage our own personal skills to become more effective in the crucial theme in this era, the Leadership?

Here not casual tips, not true for free, just some idea which come from experience and study, because to talk about leadership require we have acted good bossy.

The content's items:

Personal Integrity and Credibility
Adapt you style at the New Economy environment.
Be able to give “Improving Feedback” to all around you
Focus your organisation outward
Criticise with care
Set a To-Do List that works
What people want from you!
Build better environment asking questions
Managing team conflicts
Exceed Clients’ Expectations
Creative leader is who:
Create your market on the rock
Improve Your Team’s Performance 
Asking better questions!
Focus on your core business
Important Vs Urgent 
Recover From Your Mistakes 

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