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Why does marketing better agile?

3 min reading What if you launch a great marketing campaign, very well planned, upon several media, engaging resources in and outside the company, producing lots of contents, dealing with the brand image then it fails? Unusual? Less than you can expect. Marketing became increasingly complex by dealing with rising unpredictability in markets. And if project management in unpredictable environments shifted to Agile, why then marketing shouldn’t benefit by Agile methodologies dealing with unpredictability? Actually in marketing the Agile trend is already up and running, the Agile Marketing Manifesto has been written in 2012, since then many marketers have joined the movement. Many, but not too many, marketing industry remain cold against Agile culture. Well, you can argue that management is not in love yet with Agile either. Point taken. Yes, Agile is great, but is not yet a mainstream out of IT driven businesses and some other big brands.

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Agile Marketing

Agile Marketing, what’s new?

We have created the movement for agile marketing, to me the biggest reason for doing this activity is to have transparency. John Cass   So often the C suite dive in, want something next day, and knock off more important projects. Then the CEO fires everyone because the plan didn't work, but it didn't work because it wasn't executed. How can you execute when the project resources keep taken away from scheduled project tasks? Agile marketing gets to the truth both for the marketer and the company as a whole. We need to redefine how marketing projects are run, in a world where troubles are normal and quietness the exception there is no other way to take projects to the ground and achieve results. How EMC2 approaches Agile Marketing. by Scott Binker Agile Marketing, when clear and simple process drive innovation. By EMC2

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Why did you write it there?

Less is more:  “I know that half of what I spend in Advertising is just wasted money. The problem is that I don’t know which of the two halves is the right one.” Just landed at Malpensa airport eventually I saw an advertising that got my curiosity, but a question rose to my mind suddenly: "Why? Why did you feel it was the right place to place your message?" Then another one: "What damn did you write there??" I think sometime people forget the adv pillars: “Less is more” -  Being focused, write a minimal message that keep user’s interest! “Unique Selling Proposition” - Only one, very good reason that creates distintive value. “Be Remarkable” - Think “out of the box” in order to be read. “Think like your client does” -  What does really make the difference in the client’s mind? Get the full article here    

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Theranos. A strange world where burglars win…

From 4.5 Billion to nothing … Forbes admitted: we were wrong: “Our estimate of Holmes’ wealth was based entirely on her 50% stake in Theranos…” Too much is unknown... Theranos has not delivered... Theranos’ target market may not exist... Pdf of the article  

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Cerco persone…

Looking for someone... When we really look for someone to hire very often we struggle in searching the person who fit our requirement. It happens for almost any kind of job, level and wage. Why it happens? What are the skills that are so difficult to find?  “Cerco Persone in Gamba” I known the owner of this small bar in Italy. At that time he was struggling in find someone to hire, every day he had several interviews, he also hired several people but after a while they went away or he let them to go. “Finally they have ONLY to get clients’ orders and bring drinks to the tables…” he said. So the searching notice appeared on the high street: “I’m looking for SMART people” he wrote.  Many “people” later the bar owner left his business.  Yes, to find good, well skilled persons, isn’t easy, but I would say

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Inversione di Marcia

Franco Tagliente, un collega legato ai miei esordi nel marketing, 1986. Un'altra epoca. Franco  era un consulente affermato già allora, io iniziavo appena. Un suo scritto di allora mi fu di grande ispirazione: La Scoperta del Marketing.  ( in questo blog ) Oggi ci ritroviamo con Franco a discutere di Decrescita e di un Marketing completamente nuovo, un marketing etico. Io e Franco abbiamo sempre operato eticamente ed oggi crediamo che questo non sia più una scelta, ma una necessità. Qui il suo testo sulla opportunità di rivedere il marketing. (mia è la grafica, mentre è sul set di "U-Turn" la foto di Sean Penn e Jennifer Lopez) Grazie Franco. Qui il testo Completo in pdf  

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