Why me. My view of Agile Marketing

Start with Why

I love to interact with economics matter, that's why I developed unparalleled abilities in marketing.

We all buy everyday, many times a day. And we all sell, much more often than we think. Sometime we succeed. Sometimes we don't.

Mastering the economic law that governs the value exchange we can suceed consistently. This is the reason: I always “Start with Why”

Marketing Today


The 4Ps model was born. The very first structured description of marketing that lasted as a pillar till… yesterday.

Today's marketing is quite different, in those 54 years it always told us the same thing: client is kernel.

In the ‘90s the Borden’s 4Ps model was better reinterpreted with the "only" P  that actually matters: People, People, People, People.

Nowaday we all are going Agile: requirements of flexibility, speed and proactiveness made it. We have to drive businesses having customers' benefit in mind, that's why a good marketing approach is paramount.

Certifications and milestones

  • Agile Marketing Movement
  • Management 3.0, Lean Advantage Ltd
  • DISC, Certification Persolog GmbH
  • Business Coaching, Insights Learning Development LLP
  • Emotional Intelligence Training, E-consultant Srl
  • Master NLP, PNLMeta srl
  • Practiticioner NLP, NLPUNION srl Italia
  • Master Marketing Management, ISVOR Fiat Torino
  • Economics degree, Università di Urbino