Why did you write it there?

Less is more:  “I know that half of what I spend in Advertising is just wasted money. The problem is that I don’t know which of the two halves is the right one.”

Just landed at Malpensa airport eventually I saw an advertising that got my curiosity, but a question rose to my mind suddenly: “Why? Why did you feel it was the right place to place your message?” Then another one: “What damn did you write there??”

I think sometime people forget the adv pillars:

Less is more” –  Being focused, write a minimal message that keep user’s interest!

Unique Selling Proposition” – Only one, very good reason that creates distintive value.

Be Remarkable” – Think “out of the box” in order to be read.

Think like your client does” –  What does really make the difference in the client’s mind?

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