Maria Pia Bognetti – Avis

We were in doubt: are people lost feeling for the problem or it exist a way to engage them upon a so paramount issue as the blood donation is?
So we asked Antonio an help to understand what was happening:
Our communication to donors was getting a low result, booking were under the need to plan the medical doctors job as well as blood donations were generally well below the hospital needs.
That effects to us to work in continuous emergency, running after the few people available to donate. Blood is important for the hospital, blood transfusion are daily job in the hospital and blood lack can infer serious damage to patients life.
Antonio helped us in correcting the way to communicate to donors but also new potential blood donors. Antonio helped to change the technical method of messaging implementing a new tool, but mainly we changed the contents. We discovered how our style to communicate intended to give recipients all the information was not effective. We understood that try to communicate extensively all the details was actually not effective at all.
Antonio showed us how people are actually not keen to invest in reading a message if they are not primarily engaged, so the main challenge is to hook people on the emotional level first. Create interest with a direct, simple fast communication which will be easy to read and strongly sexy is what makes the difference.
People also like to see what value they get. Engage blood donors is not like selling a product, that’s why I had some issue to ask Antonio, who is a marketing person.
Notwithstanding Antonio would support us pro-bono, I wasn’t sure that the sales communication style, the advertising method and the “marketing” could make an impact on our effectiveness in moving people about an humanitarian cause.
But then we got how people engagement is based upon certain messages no matter why. People like to be engaged, valuable, important, when people can see the “value” then they get interested, then engagement happens. Here a value is mainly a social matter: a small community like ours can partecipate for a common, social, valuable purpose. But the value is also about being a blood donor who receive a regular periodic control by blood test. If you are not a donor you have to take care by yourself and often pay for check and medical doctor consultancy.
Antonio helped us in designing the process of contact the audience, donors but also possible new donors. We wrote the communication again and we redefined the value proposition as orienteering of all activities and communication to our audience.

During the very first month since we met Antonio I can testimony a big leap in results.
Probably it wasn’t wrong to stop worrying about emergencies and rebuild the trust with our “clients” so that engage them even more.
We have a nation-wide well-known brand, but probably we can tell people a bit better the “why”, what’s the reason why everyone moves to donate, restore the participation to the community is our main target, today we can make it even better thanks to Antonio.