We know what we trust and we trust in what we know.

Could we turn into confidence about how life will be? 


It’s quite easy to trust in what we have learnt: how did Tiger Woods become confident in ball flight if not through learning it step by step? How do we become worthy in best practices if not by placing focus on learning? Learning means understanding how things work, practice, repeat, make experience.

But life is always a premiere, very rarely can say: “Sorry, repeat please, the next one will
come better….” Oh yes, we can learn how to manage our life, and step by step we learn how to run decision making even if we could never keep all variables under control.
But generally in life we never know what tomorrow will bring to us. That’s why to be
confident in kismet is definitely harder, we tent to keep under control what will be as well as what we do. Also if we know how variables won’t be kept all under control.

peopleIn The Legend of Bagger Vance Will Smith says: “ There is only one shot perfect for the field, let it chose you, then feel it. There are just you, the ball and the flag. Focus on it then let it go” .

We can only be present in what we do right here right now and when we are confident doing the best, what will be, will even be at the best.
No matter how good we are in doing it or how much practice we have, we can just let go the best we can do, right here, right now.

Life is like a chocolates box, you never know what you will get. But you know: whatever you
get it will be good for you.

When we are doing our best, we will trust in the life and in what life will bring to us. Who
believes in positiveness is confident to receive back positivity. When our values shape our
behaviours and our words nurture our life then, to live a better, life we can pictured out that with proper values and positive words.

People who we interact with feel our positivity and feed us back with positivity too.
Our destiny can be crafted by doing our best on a positive feelings. We all can learn how to trust in ourselves and in the universal chaos, maybe just accepting what we receive as a gift.

And you will know about it perhaps when you don’t expect to know it anymore.