Why Me


I support organisations enhancing their business, their marketing approach and, ultimately, their people. Using unparalleled abilities in marketing and business management I pursue efficiency in businesses creating better revenues upon happier customers through more radiant, confident and reliable people.  I always “Start with Why”



That year registered the very first structured description that lasts as marketing pillar till… yesterday: the 4Ps model.

Today's marketing is very different but, essentially in those 54 years, we always told the same thing: client is the centre. Marketing today is a consumed word, everyone does marketing. That can be funny but true: as long as marketing is related to customer’s experience, everyone involved in the process is, actually, a marketing operator. That's why in the ‘90s the Borden’s 4Ps model was better reinterpreted with the only 4 Ps that actually matter: People, People, People, People.

Nowaday marketing is Agile: the requirements of flexibility, speed and proactiveness made it. But we can only drive business having the customer in mind and marketing is the link to customer’s mind that lately become even more important in leading strategies and organisations.

Today great specialists perform exceptionally upon marketing tasks, but specialisation clashes with strong overviews and strategic planning.

I experienced any stage in marketing management upon a great education.

Project Management

Landing project  is when you plan to enter into a complete new market, a new “territory” and you need to start from the scratch, even if you already have great market positions, when you start a new market you have to rethink almost everything. Like landing an aircraft you need control, know-how and commitment.

Control, the more you stay closer to your customers the better will be, you have to know your prospects, talk to them directly. To collect feedbacks and information become crucial due to the unpredictable, fast changing, environment of today's markets.

Know-how, use a lean approach to act, check and alter is the Agile methods but, we need to be strong upon a solid market knowledge.

Commitment, “tocada y fuga” is great in music, but not in marketing. Early adopters expect followers, they want to see a great Brand story which boosts customers engagement, they want to be firsts not alone.

Better you keep playing ”andante sostenuto” instead: so people will learn the music and get accustomed.


Numbers are the essential of business. Business measurements are all about numbers related to money and beyond, and anything you can measure you can improve.

What I do with numbers is planning and determine controlling of economics KPIs, deciding how to set them using strategic planning, because numbers alone mean little if nothing. 

Let's talk about price: isn’t price one of the famous 4Ps marketing modelling?  Well, settimg the "price optimisation" seems easy but is not. How many clients will not buy above a that price level? How much money you will lose by price drops? Are price and positioning matching? Market price is paramount but positioning leads pricing, not the opposite.

Enhancing entrepreneurial choices by modelling on price within strategic planning I help organisation to achieve more. Would you like to keep losing money or clients?

Professional steps

  • 2018 Agile Marketing adopter
  • 2016 Digital entrepreneur, London UK
  • 2015 Fellow Member Institute of Consulting UK
  • 2014 Management 3.0 workout, Jurgen Appelo
  • 2014 Business Enhancement Advisor. London UK
  • 2013 Lecturer at Università degli Studi Roma 3.
  • 2013 Lecturer at Università degli Studi Urbino "Carlo Bo".
  • 2010 Business Innovation Consultant. Milano, Italia
  • 2009 Business Coach by Insights Learning and Development Ltd.
  • 2006 Leadership trainer.
  • 2004 Marketing Consultant, Milano, Italia.
  • 1999 Marketing and Sales management. Modena, Italia
  • 1993 CEO, ClimaControl srl. Genova, Italia
  • 1987 Marketing and Sales management. Automotive industry. Torino, Italia


With an education in economics I professionally grown up in sales and marketing roles. I have got the MBA in Marketing at 23 years old. I became a marketing expert working with companies strategies and executions in order to boost marketing effectiveness and, ultimately, sales. As Business Consultant I had the opportunity to learn even more. Developing expertise in HR Training and Coaching, then finance, operations, digital, content management, legal and contract. Lately as entrepreneur I could put all my know-how to take business off the ground. I believe Agile Marketing is the future of marketing and I’m introducing this approach with my partners


  • Management 3.0, Lean Advantage Ltd
  • DISC, Certification Persolog GmbH.
  • Business Coaching, Insights Learning Development.
  • Emotional Intelligence Training, E-consultant.
  • Master NLP, PNLMeta srl
  • Practiticioner NLP, NLPUNION srl Italia
  • Master Marketing Management, ISVOR Fiat Torino
  • Economics degree, Università di Urbino